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There is a lot to discover in the Demer delta.

You can go walking, cycling, fishing and enjoy water sports.
In the summer months you can participate in real adventure camps.

And you can come and watch the progress of the works. So you see how we are restoring the area...

Visitor centre

The Visitor Centre Webbekomsbroek is located within walking distance of the city centre of Diest. There are four signposted walks of 3 to 8 kilometres, along the Demer, the Zwarte Beek and the beautiful city walls of Diest.


In the visitor centre itself you can learn everything about the nature, the landscape and the history of the area. You will discover how a flood area works.


Omer Vanaudenhovelaan 48
3290 Diest


Visitor centre

From the Schulensmeer Visitor Centre, several hiking trails start and from the viewing platform on the roof, you can enjoy the peace and quiet and the wide-open nature. Here you can choose from four signposted walks of 2 to 10 kilometres, over the dykes around the lake (Schulensmeer) to the nature reserve Schulensbroek. With all that water, the vast meadows and the numerous water and meadow birds, the Polders do not seem far away. 

In the visitor centre, you can learn about the nature and history of the area.. 


Demerstraat 60
3560 Lummen

Ways to get there...

by Bike

The cycling network connects both visitor centres and thus both areas. Via a route of only 12 kilometres on pleasant cycle paths, you cycle from one place to the other.

From Schulensmeer to Webbekomsbroek, follow the junctions: 314, 315, 357, 34 and 88. From Webbekomsbroek to Schulensmeer follow the junctions: 34, 357, 315, 314, 313.

by Train

From the train station of 'Diest' you can go straight to the visitor centre of the Webbekomsbroek with hiking possibilities in the area.


If you get off at the train station of 'Schulen' you are close to the centre of the town of Schulen where beautiful walks start in the Schulensbroek

by Car

You can park at the Schulensbroek and Webbekomsbroek visitor centres.

Parking is also available at the vicarage ('Pastorie') in the village of Zelem (Halen) and close to the centre of the town of Schulen (Herk De Stad) with extensive walking possibilities.

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