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Welcome to the Demerdelta
Working on nature, water and recreation

Zoals de laatste dagen reeds aangekondigd heeft de VZW Bescherm bomen en natuur uit Brugge de VMM, bouwheer van de geplande werken, gedagvaard in kortgeding.

Dit om de geplande natuurherstelwerken rond het Schulensmeer binnen het Life Delta-project voorlopig stil te leggen. Wij betreuren dit ten zeerste en zien ons omwille van deze procedure genoodzaakt de aannemer de werken nog niet te laten aanvatten op aanstaande maandag 10 augustus.

Van zodra er een uitspraak is in deze zaak zullen we verder communiceren. Deze uitspraak wordt reeds volgende week verwacht.  


The natural values ​​in the DemerDelta have been protected for many years by the partners of the Life Delta project.


In this way Natuurpunt has been protecting nature in the Schulensbroek for 30 years and the Agency of Nature and Forest (ANB) manages the Webbekomsbroek-Borchbeemden area with care. As a water manager, the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) ensures the ideal water levels to make the most of these natural values, while the Regionaal Landschap Haspengouw en Voeren (RLHV) guarantees our walking pleasure.


​Step by step they expanded the area with its typical open meadow landscapes into what it is today. With the European Life project we are now creating a new milestone for a metamorphosis in which nature can show its full potential to future generations!

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(objectives, actions & results)

on the Life DELTA Project 


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Life in the DemerDelta

Biodiversity in the DemerDelta

Delta movie


Several streams from Limburg and Flemish Brabant come together in the DemerDelta. Between Diest, Halen, Lummen and Herk-de-Stad they form an ancient and expansive flood landscape. With the Life Delta project, financed by the European Union, we want to restore nature in that landscape in all its glory.  

New habitat for endangered animals

Rare birds and fish are getting new habitat in the Demer Delta. Large-scale restoration of grasslands, swamps and waterways will ensure this.

> Here you can read how we approach that nature recovery.

Less flooding ánd drought

The Demer Delta acts like a sponge that retains water and allows it to penetrate into the soil. In this way, the entire region is protected against flooding ánd drought.

> Nature offers protection against water problems

Restoration of an ancient landscape

The DemerDelta has traditionally been a unique and expansive floodplain landscape. Straightening streams, timber production and sand depots disrupted that character.

> How will LIFE Delta restore the landscape?

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There is a lot to be discovered in the Demer delta. You can go walking, cycling, fishing and enjoy water sports. Take part in organised guided walks or the adventure camps in summer. In the meantime, you can discover how the restoration works in the area are progressing...

     > Out and about in the Demerdelta

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Visitor Centre Schulensmeer

Demerstraat 60
3560 Lummen

Visitor Centre Webbekomsbroek

Omer Vanaudenhovelaan 48
3290 Diest


The European project LIFE DELTA is situated in the nature reserves Schulensbroek and Webbekomsbroek-Borchbeemden

Natuurpunt, as the largest private nature conservation organisation in Flanders, works together with its project partners the Agency for Nature and Forest (ANB) and the Flemish Environmental Agency (VMM) and the Regionaal Landschap Haspengouw en Voeren (RLHV) to develop and restore European protected habitats and species.

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